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About Squarez v0.8.1
Last Updated: 8/23/2005

Squarez is a simple action game utilizing the PSP's analog stick.

Based on a game called Ball by Nicolay Edin and Axel Hammarback, which was inspired by a game called Eskiv made by Jean-Francois Geyelin.


ANALOG STICK = Control Blue Player Square
START = Exit to Main Menu while in game

Arcade/Bomber & Custom Game Commands

X = Turbo speed
O = Slow speed
SQUARE = Drop Grenade (arcade/bomber/custom modes)
TRIANGLE = Enable Rage (arcade/bomber/custom modes)

Hidden Commands

LEFT D-PAD = Prev Song (0 = No Song)
RIGHT D-PAD = Next Song
UP D-PAD = Next Background
DOWN D-PAD = Prev Background (0 = No background, use background color setting)
L1 = Pause Game (Easily change Themes here also, or custom games settings)
SELECT = Screenshot (dumped to root ms0:/squarez.x.tga)

How to Change Themes Quickly:
When in-game (not menus), press L1 to pause and a list of your themes will be displayed. Then using the up/dn d-pad you can select a theme, then press X to load the theme.


How to Play a Custom Game
When you start Custom, you will be brought to the Pause menu, where you can select a game to play using the up/dn d-pad and X to load the game. Press L1 to leave the pause screen and play the game.

New Features in v0.8.1

* Fixed a problem where some people were getting "Error locating default theme folder."

New Features in v0.8

* Added Bomb Blockers which explode after a few seconds. Shrapnal will kill you.
* Added Enemy Hives which spawns generator babies very quickly.
* Added Generator Babies which grow up into Generator Blockers.
* Added Rage! Kill enemies quickly when in powerup mode to gain rage. Then press Triangle to unleash your rage, in this mode you can destroy anything!
* Added Rage Powerup. Gives full rage, but if you miss the powerup it explodes. (shrapnal kills anything)
* Added Custom mode. This allows you to create and play Squarez with your own rules. Simple text files so people can easily share custom games.
* Added scripting to Squarez in all game modes. Currently only a few commands exist, but this will allow you to create unique pre-planned events. Currently scripting must be done on a PC using a text editor and saved to your memory stick.
* Added Themes which include custom menu background, up to 10 game backgrounds, custom sprites, custom sounds and color/text settings. This will allow people to create and share their own custom theme packs. Sound is not required. Default sounds will be used. Up to 10 themes allowed.
* Added a Screenshot viewer.
* Updated the instructions screen and included a control layout help image.

NOTE: I'm not a composer so the music is very simple and created using PSPKick. Future versions will have new/improved sound.

See ReadMe.txt file for instructions on changing the wavs to customize sound f/x and music.


* Classic, Arcade, Survival & Bomber Modes each with 3:00,2:00 & 1:00 timed modes allowing for 16 possible modes. Bomber mode is unlockable after scoring 150 in arcade mode.
* Option area to select analog desensitivity, turbo adjust and slow adjust.
* 5 powerup bombs (random bomb appears every 10 points)
* Enemy Blockers (will randomly stop and change directions, appears every 15 points,resists powerup and immune to nuke bomb)
* Sound F/X and Music (currently only 2 patterns/songs)
* Custom Themes featuring menu & background images and custom color settings.
* Simple scripting for custom games.

Screenshot code from Shine's Snake

Exiting from Squarez with save your High Score.

Your save game file will be saved to your game directory in a file called squarez.cfg.

Game Instructions

The object of Squarez is to move your blue square over green squares. When you collect a green square an enemy red square will appear. If you crash into a red square your game will be over. However, if you get the yellow powerup square, your blue square will turn purple and a counter will appear. While in this mode you can destroy enemy red squares by crashing into them. When your timer turns red you'll have less than 10 counts before you turn back to normal. Your score is determined by the number of green squares you collected.

Classic Mode
Original game as described above.

Arcade Mode
Includes bomb and freeze powerups which decay after a specified amount of time.
Ability to use turbo and slow speeds.

Survival Mode
No powerups at all will appear. Just collect as many green squares as possible.

Bomber Mode (Unlockable)
Similar to survival with grenades and blockers. (shrapnal kills). All pills will begin with a timer, if you get the pill quick enough you will be awarded 2 grenades. If you get it before the timer if up you get 1 grenade. After the timer disappears you just collect the green pill. Grenade powerups will appear which award 8 grenades. Don't waste your grenades because they become increasing important later in the game when multiple enemies appear per pill.

Custom Mode
Create and play your own games using Squarez.

Timed Mode
All game modes playable in 3:00,2:00 and 1:00 time limits.

Yellow = Indestructable - crash into enemies to kill them
Red = Bomb - kills all enemies on screen
Blue = Slow Bomb - slows enemies

3 New Particle Bombs Added

Bomb powerups appear every 10 points but disappear after a limited amount of time!

I will be releasing new versions as I test them so you too can try the newest features!

NOTE: Since version 0.3 introduced sensitivity settings which affect game play, future versions may not allow the wide range of settings and most game modes will have rules which will allow a much smaller variation. I will probably add a mode called Custom where you can customize all the settings just for fun.


Custom Games - Below is the include game TURBOTHRILLS.TXT

BTW: To save your high scores, stats etc remember to copy your squarez.cfg file!

Download Squarez v0.8.1 (Zip File) for PSP (KXploit/SeiPSPTool)

Download Squarez v0.8.1 (RAR File) for PSP (KXploit/SeiPSPTool)
* Back to normal packages without the hide corrupt icon due to the manual install issues.

Theme Packs for Squarez v0.8 by FrozenIpaq

How to Install Themes
Extract folder into your /themes folder where the default theme exists.

Download Squarez Exclusive theme pack.

A nice background to add to Squarez Exclusive as background02.bmp is this one sent in by MasterQ.

Download MasterQ Background Only. Copy to any graphics folder. May want to rename it depending on your current backgrounds in that folder. They need to be numbered in order!

Download Royale theme pack.

Download Frozen theme pack.

Download Plastic theme pack.

Download Grain theme pack.

Download Fuzzy theme pack.

Below is the Fuzzy Theme Pack modified so there is no transparency.

Download Fuzzy (Non-Transparent) theme pack.

Download Rock theme pack.

More Theme Packs

Download Loopz theme pack by Jer420.

Download Cubez theme pack by Ryuu. (sprites only)

Want to create your own themes? Then read Squarez Theme Help.

Older Versions

Download Squarez v0.8 (Zip File) for PSP (KXploit/SeiPSPTool)

Download Squarez v0.8 (RAR File) for PSP (KXploit/SeiPSPTool)

Download Squarez v0.7.5 for PSP (KXploit/SeiPSPTool)

Download Squarez v0.7 for PSP (KXploit/SeiPSPTool)

Download Squarez v0.6 for PSP (KXploit/SeiPSPTool)

Download Squarez v0.5 for PSP (KXploit/SeiPSPTool)

Download Squarez v0.4 for PSP (KXploit/SeiPSPTool)

Download Squarez v0.3 for PSP (KXploit/SeiPSPTool)

Download Squarez v0.2 for PSP (KXploit/SeiPSPTool)

Download Squarez v0.1 for PSP (KXploit/SeiPSPTool Hide Corrupt).

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