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Last Updated: 9/28/2005

Now that the US version of the Sony PSP firmware v1.50 has been exploited, developers can now release homebrew software for the PSP. Using some PSP dev utilities off the internet and a few sample demos I was able to begin developing some simple applications.

Special Notice!

Packages which use the Hide Corrupt icon option need to be installed in a special order to work! You must copy the directory without the "~" first, then the directory with the "~" second otherwise you will get a Game could not start error. Since I usually install using the Sei PSP Tool with the original EBOOT.PBP file I never ran into this problem while testing.

You can still use you own install tool on the original EBOOT.PBP without any problems.

Casino Addict Last Updated: 7/2/2005

Squarez Last Updated: 8/23/2005

WiFi Jukebox Last Updated: 9/28/2005

SecureText Last Updated: 7/15/2005

Binary Last Updated: 7/4/2005

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